Videos featuring local events and street entertainment ... showing why this is such a marvellous little town.

Comments by Sara Verrall

Herrison Bisous

From the first number to the last, we literally could not stop dancing. These local guys are great entertainers and excellent musicians too! Catch them when you can! This night in summertime brought all nationalities together.

Heidi Little Wings

Heidi, and her partner, Jack, have flown south to settle permanently with us in Marseillan. The voice of an angel, perfectly complimented by this adaptable guitar man, have a host of crowd-pleasing songs in their repetoire.

Jazz on the Port

For the second year running, Scandinavian artists combined with French musicians to bring their unique flavouring to all-things-Jazz at this mini concert, given for free. Elisabeth Melander from Sweden enchanted an adoring crowd ... as ever!

Jazz on the Port

Ana Cruise, our home-grown and incredibly musically talented Jazz group, were popular entertainers for the international audience gathered on this warm summer's evening. Gentle breezes cooled us as Gabrielle Brown's dulcit tones were honey in our ears.

Lo Capalet

Summer would not be summer without this Marseillannais tradition unfolding on the Port! With courage previously lubricated by generous bars and hostelries around town, and the musical accompaniment of an enthusiastic brass band, our local Braves converge on the Two Hat Challenge. All want the kudos of the being the One who snatches the hat from the pole ...

Lo Capalet

We're not entirely sure why this challenge of poise and tenacity - walking a greasy pole - was first introduced as an annual Summertime feature. But a mis-judged fall, with legs astride the pole, hasn't curtailed the population of Marseillan as one could fear it might! The groans in empathy, from every male spectator, echo around the harbour walls... but we keep watching, and cheering!

Santa Claus is coming!

There's only one way that "père Noël " can possibly arrive in Marseillan in December. On an Oyster boat, accompanied by a Brass band - of course! He's taken up residence in his Chalet, to listen to all the children's wishes.

Piano Dancer - "Le Carillon"

You never know who will appear at the Christmas Chalets in the heart of town. This super pianist and a delightful ballerina, twirling atop his baby grand piano, charmed our hearts with thoughts of musical jewellery boxes.

"Noël, le père"

Seventeen elves, making music and merriment, escort a most regal, fantastic Father Christmas, as he travels the night streets in his decorated chariot. Marseillan street theatre takes the Festive Season to dizzy heights.

A Spectacle of Fire - "Horun"

As drums beat out the rhythm, and our eyes adjust to the brightness, these Masters of Flame dance with wild precision and daring. Breathing fire, spitting flames, and risking all - they put on a show to take your breath away!

Spectacular Summer nights

A percussion of fireworks explode across the night sky, as Marseillan puts on a display to enthral visitors and residents alike. There's a reason our French cousins are world-renowned pyro-technicians ... and we never miss a chance to witness that!


For the international community living side-by-side with local French residents, there are some tunes that cross all boundaries. This festive selection, recognisable in any language, was cheerfully delivered by the combined choirs of Agde and Marseillan ... and "Yes" we sang along.