Marseillan town boasts a plethora of restaurants that offer a delightful fusion of traditional Mediterranean flavours, fresh seafood, and a range of enticing culinary options.

Our prime location along the Mediterranean coast means that many of Marseillan's restaurants offer waterfront dining. Visitors can enjoy delicious meals while benefitting from gentle sea breezes, listening to the subtle sound of lapping waves. These establishments often feature a wide array of seafood dishes, including locally sourced oysters, mussels, and fresh fish.

We think we have included every town centre restaurant in the list below, but if you find a new one please let us know and we will happily add to this list:

Please see the section below for the "degustation stations" based along the edge of L'Etang, where families have been raising, harvesting and serving their locally grown oysters and mussels to tradition recipes for generations


L'Étang de Thau, located in the picturesque region of Occitanie in the south of France, is a coastal lagoon of significant ecological and cultural importance. This vast body of water, encircled by the sea-facing towns of Sète and Agde, has a handful of charming seaside towns decorating its shores.

Central to the Etang are the fields of Tables, where the renowned oysters and mussels grow. Freshly harvested to bring to the tables of lunchtime and evening diners at the host of restaurants and tasting cabins, scattered along this sealake's shores.

The shallow lagoon's calm waters perfectly reflect the ever-changing patterns of light and colours in the glorious expanse of sky, arching above.


The oysters and mussels from Étang de Thau in the south of France are renowned throughout the country for their exceptional quality and flavor. Étang de Thau, located in the Occitanie region, is the largest coastal lagoon in the Languedoc-Roussillon area and is famous for its thriving shellfish industry. The unique combination of the lagoon's pristine waters and the local expertise in shellfish farming has made Étang de Thau a hub for producing some of the finest oysters and mussels in France.

Oysters from Étang de Thau are celebrated for their distinct taste and texture. The lagoon's brackish waters, which blend the freshness of the Mediterranean Sea with the sweetness of nearby freshwater sources, create an ideal environment for oyster cultivation. As a result, Étang de Thau oysters are known for their delicate, slightly salty flavor with a hint of mineral notes. The plump, succulent meat and clean, briny finish make them highly sought after by seafood enthusiasts and chefs alike.

Mussels from this region are equally famous and have a reputation for their plumpness and exceptional taste. Étang de Thau provides an ideal setting for mussel farming, with its nutrient-rich waters and a consistent temperature range. This environment allows the mussels to grow slowly and develop a rich, sweet flavor with a slightly nutty undertone. Whether served in a classic French moules marinières or as a topping for pizza or pasta, Étang de Thau mussels are a cherished ingredient in French cuisine.

These shellfish are not only appreciated for their superb taste but also for their contribution to the local economy and culinary traditions. The cultivation of oysters and mussels in Étang de Thau has deep historical roots in the region, with families passing down their expertise in shellfish farming from generation to generation.

Étang de Thau oysters and mussels are highly regarded for their versatility in French cuisine. Oysters are often enjoyed fresh on the half-shell with a squeeze of lemon or mignonette sauce, while mussels are used in various dishes such as bouillabaisse, seafood stews, and gratins. Chefs from around France prize these shellfish for their ability to elevate dishes with their unique flavors and textures.

When visiting the south of France, a trip to Étang de Thau is a must for any seafood enthusiast. Visitors can not only savor these delectable oysters and mussels at local seafood restaurants but also learn about the rich history and sustainable practices of shellfish farming in the region through guided tours and educational experiences. Étang de Thau's oysters and mussels are a testament to the harmony between nature and tradition, and they continue to be a cherished part of French culinary heritage.